General Info

Welcome to your personalised electronic guide through Croatia!

These pages contain information that we hope will serve as a guidance throughout your stay in Croatia. For more info on specific topics, please visit the links above. Below is some basic info about our country, which we hope you will get a chance to explore and enjoy during your stay!

We wish you a pleasant and productive stay in Zagreb and Knin!

About Croatia

  • Population: 4,3 million (2011 Census)
  • Total Area: 87,661 square km
  • Land Area: 56,594 square km
  • Capital: Zagreb, population of 790,017
  • Major Cities: Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Zadar, Pula, Dubrovnik

Climate & Weather

Croatia's climate is mostly continental in the north and east, and Mediterranean along the coast, while its highest peaks in the south-central region have a mountain climate, which includes snowfall. 

Average temperatures on the Adriatic coast are: January -5˚C to 9˚C, August 22˚C to 25˚C. The sea temperature in winter is 12˚C and approximately 25˚C in summer.

Average temperatures in the continental interior are in January -2˚C to 0˚C, with somewhat lower temperatures at the highest altitudes; August approximately 20˚C, with around 12˚C at the highest altitudes.

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