While walking through the Old Town, you will come across a large number of attractive brand boutiques. In the Street of St. Dominic, which connects the Old Town with its eastern entrance, one can see the finest Croatian luxurious multi brand boutique the „Concept Store Maria“, which sells the clothes and shoes designed by Celine, Givenchy, YSL, Miu Miu, Jill Sander, Faliero Sarti, La Perla, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and others. 
Across the Rectors Palace there are several shops with exclusive brands such as: „Croatian Croata“, „Benetton“, „Ralph Lauren“, while a shop belonging to the Borza Group sells a wide selection of luxurious products: the Bogner, La Coste, Guess and Bracciallini bags the Omega and Tag Hauer, Tissot, Armani and Dolce Gabbana wrist watches the jewelry and sun glasses by Chanel, Bulgari, Chopard, Cristian Dior, Gucci, Oacley, Ray Ban and others. In the Stradun one can see boutiques such as „Marella“, „Lacoste“and „Gant“, in the Široka Street „Ralph Lauren“La boutique with a special choice of the Paccioti and Guess shoes and bags, Nebo lifestyle collections of woman's apparel embodies comfort, quality, delicate and sophisticated femininity while a Tommy Hilfiger boutique is located in a picturesque lane in close proximity to the most beautiful.

Bland souvenir shops are gradually taking over Dubrovnik’s main thoroughfares, and if you really think that a ceramic mug bearing the word ‘Dubrovnik’ is going to look good in someone’s kitchen cupboard back home, then you certainly won’t have too much trouble finding one.

One of the most authentic local products is jewellery. Jewellery was an integral part of local folk costume and also played an important part in local family ritual, with female children receiving earrings at baptism and at other important stages in their lives.
It was traditionally around Zlatarska ulica (Goldsmiths’ Street) that the main jewellery workshops were to be found, although these days they are more randomly scattered throughout the Old Town.

Several larger shopping centers, including:  Downtown, Euroshop, Minceta and Mercante in Gruz while DOC shopping mall in Lapad and Sub City in Zupa.


PJACA GRAD  - Old Towns, Gundulic Square
Every morning the Square turns into a picturesque green market supplied with fresh fruits and vegetables by farmers from the nearby villages. CASH ONLY.

PJACA GRUZ – New Harbour
The main market in Dubrovnik for fruit, vegetables and alongside fish. You can find there the best cabbage, goats' cheese for salads, the best eggs and for traditional Ragusa orange cake, oranges from Lopud. Prices are mostly fixed and haggling doesn't tend to happen. If you are fond of fine fish, get there by 7am. CASH ONLY.