Šolta Island

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 6 ferry lines and 1 speedboat line per day during the season between them, has become practically a suburb of Split. 

It is believed that the island of Šolta was named after the Greek Olynthus meaning „immature fig“. In the past, numerous nations such as the Greeks, Italians and Spaniards, landed on Šolta, during their journeys through the Adriatic, in order to trade with local fishermen. Šolta was a real island of fishermen, but also of land workers and especially of olive and wine growers.

Although life on Šolta was very hard, the poor karst soil and the hard work has created kind people with an open heart and specialties such as virgin olive oil and astringent wine from Šolta alongside the many fishing songs at the break of each new day.